BEHOLD THE LABEL is a faith based loungewear brand. We truly believe that it is so much more than just loungewear for us. Our pieces are so special to us as each is curated and designed with intention to carry a message that resonates with you. A message that encourages, empowers, and inspires you to walk this life with confidence and to dream big towards the things God has for your life!

Here at BEHOLD THE LABEL, we believe in intentionality and originality in every piece. We want to bring you elevated loungewear with comfort as our number one priority, making them the perfect everyday wear pieces.

BEHOLD THE LABEL is for the lovers of both fashion and comfort. The embracers of creativity, value, and intention. The dreamers who dream of doing better for the world and others.

The brand name was inspired after the word BEHOLD — which means to look or regard a thing or person with such admiration, appreciation, and even adoration. We hope that when you wear a BEHOLD piece, you would look at it with such regard. 

Your support means the absolute world to us, more than you know!

One last thing, you are so so loved by God and He has great plans for your life!


Your friends at Behold